Transform your home or office interior with help of Guildon.

Our decorating experts can give you lots of advice on choosing paint and colours to achieve best results. Along list of repeat customers, you can be assured that your next project will be an enjoyable experience. An interior or exterior project you have, we will meet your budget and time line. We take pride in our residential and commercial painting and strive to deliver and attractive finish to every room we work in.

We also offer airless spray painting for large or medium projects where exceptional quality and speed required.

Airless spray is method of atomizing paint without the use of compressed air. The paint is pumped under high pressure through a supply line to an airless gun. The paint is forced at high pressure through a small opening at the front of the valve, called the orifice, or spray tip.

Airless spray coating technology causes less over-spray or bounce back than air spray guns. And because of the high velocity of fluid emanating from the tip during operation, airless spray guns achieve good penetration on recessed areas of work pieces. Majority advantage is the high rate of fluid delivery, which permits greater production rates and access to tight areas. Airless spraying is especially appropriate for applying highly viscous protective coating to:

  • Large exterior surfaces like masonry walls and exc.
  • Bridges
  • Storage tanks
  • Large ceilings interior walls
  • Any steel structures
  • Fire retardant painting of structural members