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Interior Design Solutions For Residential and Commercial Clients

Design Through Innovation

We pride ourselves on devising creative and innovative solutions, and our interior design work is no exception. We aim to exceed expectations by providing unique interior and exterior spaces for people to work and live in. Working in close cooperation with you and other stakeholders we design unique solutions that maximise the use of space and support the underlying objectives of the project.



Painting and Decorating

Transform your home interior with our help at Guildon. Our decorating experts can provide lots of advice on choosing the paint and colours that will give you the best results. Our years of experience in the industry means you can be assured that your next project will be an unqualified success.

However complex your interior or exterior project is, we will be able to meet you on budget and time-frame. We take pride in our residential and commercial painting and strive to deliver an attractive finish to every room we work in.





From Conception To Reality

If you would like to refurbish, convert or extend your property you may be struggling to visualise how everything should look. This is where you can take advantage of our professional design services. Perhaps you want to simply enlarge your property, or maybe you want to create a more conducive living and home working environment.

Whatever your requirements, our designers will  create designs to achieve your objectives. We can also turn our concept designs into 3D models if you are looking for total accuracy and precision.

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